Political Risk Conference - The Great Transition: An Attempted Shift Towards Autonomy

Recent years have been characterized by increasing geopolitical volatility, growing tensions between the USA and China, Russia’s war in Ukraine, and growing assertiveness of middle powers that have implied a transition from a unipolar to a multipolar world. Furthermore, governments face geo-strategic challenges posed by rising inflation, energy security, and climate change- which have no easy solutions. We see nations looking inwards to ameliorate their economic woes rather than relying on the forces of globalization to achieve the most efficient outcomes.

Ex Libris Stavridis

A special delivery arrived this semester from the Dean’s office: a cart of books by Fletcher faculty and alums, most with handwritten dedications from their authors to Dean Stavridis or his predecessor, Dean Stephen Bosworth. The books have been put on display outside the reference and technology offices in the library’s main reading room.

Ginn: Behind the Desk

Our student workers have been working hard to learn the ropes, and by now they can help you—and in some cases even read minds. If all you know about the Reserve book you need to borrow is that it is big and red, don't worry: we've got you covered.