Data Management

Our Services

We can:

  • Advise you on your data management plan (DMP)
  • Find places to store your data
  • Recommend collaboration tools like Box
  • Learn new data science skills and connect with other campus specialists
  • Evaluate your current data management strategies and file organization
  • Think through database structures for your research projects
  • Consult on repositories such as Dataverse to share your data for published articles
  • Assist with documenting your data and metadata creation

Contact for questions or assistance in any of these areas.

Tufts Data Lab

Data Lab Assistants provide walk-up help, located in Tisch Library. Lab Assistants can answer questions about using GIS, statistical and data visualization software.

Each assistant has specific areas of expertise.

Check the Data Lab's workshop calendar for data-related learning opportunities.

For questions about the Data Lab Assistants, or additional support, please visit the Data Lab website:, or email Tufts Data Lab: