Printers, Scanners, and Copiers


JumboCash is the only form of payment accepted at copiers and printers in Tufts libraries. All students receive a JumboCash stipend each year to use for JumboPrint:

  • $10 for full-time students (equivalent to 100 one-sided black and white printed pages)
  • $5 for part-time students

This credit will appear in your JumboCash account at the beginning of the fall semester. It cannot be used for purposes other than printing. Printing costs beyond this amount are charged to your JumboCash account.

Add money (JumboCash) to your Tufts ID

  • with a credit card at
  • with cash at the JumboCash kiosk at the entrance to Ginn Library.

Don't have a Tufts ID? Visitors can purchase a guest print card for $1 at a JumboCash kiosk.


Printers are located in Ginn Library. All Fletcher printers print double sided (duplex) by default.

  • Black and white printouts cost
    • 10¢ per single-sided page.
    • 15¢ per duplex page.
  • Color printouts cost
    • 30¢ per single-sided page.
    • 45¢ per duplex page.

Need to print a poster? Check out Tisch’s large format printing options.

Print From Your Laptop

Download the printer drivers for your computer and get more information about printing at Tufts.


You can save scanned documents to a flash drive, email them from the scan station, or send them to one of our printers. There is no cost for the scanning itself, though you must still pay to print. Ginn Library has

  • 1 scanner in the lower reference area, next to the printers
  • 1 scanner in the upper reference area, next to the study rooms


Ginn Library has 1 copier on the 3rd floor that prints only in black and white. The cost is the same as for printing.