JumboPrint (jumboprint.tufts.edu) is a pay-for-print service that allows uploading, emailing, and submitting your print job via either a web browser or a mobile app. You can use your personal device. You can release your job at any JumboPrint location.

Three ways to submit a print job

  1. Log on to https://jumboprint.tufts.edu with your Tufts username and password or your guest card number and upload your print job.
  2. Send an email to jumboprint_bw@tufts.edu or jumboprint_color@tufts.edu with your print job as an attachment.  NOTE: You will need to register your Tufts or non-Tufts email the first time you submit a print job via email.
  3. Download and install the free Android or iOS app on your mobile device: 
  • In the Android or iOS App Store, download and install the Pharos Print app.
  • Enter jumboprint.tufts.edu as the server and 443 as the port.
  • Enter your Tufts username and password to log in.

What else can you do at jumboprint.tufts.edu?

  1. Check the status of your print job.
  2. Change the attributes of your print job - black & white vs. color, single vs. double-sided.
  3. Reprint all or some of your print job. (6-hour retention)
  4. Get a history of all of your print jobs.