Capstones & Dissertations

Capstone Projects

Ginn Library staff are available to help you with all aspects of your capstone project.

Once your capstone has been completed and graded, you have the option to submit it to the Tufts Digital Library (TDL). The following policies apply:

  • In order to deposit your work in the TDL, you will be required to grant us certain rights. Without these rights, we cannot make your work accessible for scholarly or educational use. By agreeing to this license, you retain copyright to your work.
  • MALD and MIB capstones are automatically accepted upon submission.
  • LLM capstones are only accepted with pre-approval from the LLM program. Contact Joel Trachtman in the LLM office for more information.
  • MA capstones are only accepted with pre-approval from the MA program. Contact Jenifer Burckett-Picker in the MA office for more information.
  • GMAP capstones are only accepted with pre-approval from the GMAP program. Contact Kate Taylor in the GMAP office for more information.
  • The submitted file must be in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format.
  • Before you begin the submission process, please rename the file with your surname (i.e., lastname.pdf).

Cover page templates are below.  Change anything in ALL CAPS to reflect your capstone information:

To view others' capstones from previous years, you can browse the Fletcher School Student Thesis Collection.


Ginn Library can help with all aspects of your dissertation.