Fletcher Perspectives Gallery

The Perspectives Gallery highlights world cultures with the hope of promoting understanding and tolerance. The gallery has been in Ginn library since 2001 and contributes to our role as a space for introducing and sharing a diversity of viewpoints and perspectives on the world we live in.
The photographs have been submitted by Fletcher School students, faculty, and staff, and serve to showcase the technical skill, artistry, and international experiences of this community.



Zion National Park

Walking on the Edge at Checkerboard Mesa

Stefan Tschauko, PhD Candidate
Zion National Park, Utah, USA
Sunset in Monument Valley

Sunset in Monument Valley

Stefan Tschauko, PhD Candidate
Utah, USA
A colorful wall in Morrocco

Assilah, Morrocco

Karen Taylor, MALD 2018
Animals herded on a road

Mbale District, Uganda

Miran Song, MALD 2018
A colorful monastary

Bir, Himachal Pradesh, India

Sean Silbert, MALD 2017
People in white-robes surround a large opening in the ground with a cross

Crossing the Underground Tunnel to St. George's Church

Ananda Paez, MALD 2018
Lalibela, Ethiopia
Active lava and smoke

The Magma Lake of Erta Ale Volcano

Ananda Paez, MALD 2018
Afar Region, Ethiopia
Bright green pools of acidic water

Acid Pools of the Danakil Depression, Dallol

Ananda Paez, MALD 2018
Danakil Depression, Ethiopia
The harbor of Oslo

Arrival by Sea

Sarah Lansky, MALD 2019
Oslo, Norway
A cow amongst piles of strewn piles of items to be recycled

Recycling Center

Coralie Harmache, MALD 2018
Damba Darajayn Hiid, Mongolia
Big sky over steppe

The Steppe

Coralie Harmache, MALD 2018
Tov Province, Mongolia
Orange rooftops of brick buildings against blue sky

Rooftop Mosaics

Lauren Gray, MALD 2018
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Religious figures

Vamos pasa el limbo

Lucia Avila, MALD 2018
Bangkok, Thaliand
Sea foam against rocks

Hapuke, Niue

Matt Arnold, MALD 2018


Parading elephants wearing garments with blue-lights

Esala Perahera aka The Festival of Buddha's Sacred Tooth

Cornelius Queen, MALD 2019
Kandy, Sri Lanka
Many hot air balloons floating over rock formations

Floating in Euphoria

Mariya Ilyas, MALD 2018
Flying in a hot balloon at the crack of dawn over Cappadocia, Turkey
A tree with wishes tied to it, against a desert background


Mariya Ilyas, MALD 2018
A person's silhouette against a dark sky filled with stars and a comet

A Personal Voyage

Zareera Bukhari, MALD 2018
A large mirrored structure inside a multi-storied building

Reichstag Dome

Clark Frye, MALD 2017
Berlin, Germany
A little boy stands beside a bright red pickup truck

Red Truck

Hannah Wheeler, MALD
A long bride and city lights reflected in the water

San Francisco - Oakland Bridge as seen from the Embarcadero

Stefan Tschauko, MALD
San Francisco
Rows of colorful spices, labeled

The Spice of Life

Hannah Wheeler, MALD
Chairman Mao on 4 identical red-faced watches

Time is Fleeting

Annin Peck, MIB 2017
Hong Kong, China
Intersecting powerlines against sky

Zaachila, Mexico

Memmi Rasmussen, MALD 2017
Fishing boats in bright blue sea


Vasundhara Jolly, MALD 2017
Zanzibar, Tanzania
Sunrise reflected in a rustic window

Dawn on the Battle Road

Jeff Bacon, PhD Candidate
Concord, MA
A narrow road with historic, densely placed buildings

A December Stroll

Annga D. Martha, MALD 2017
An animal's head in water, against a large sky

Desperate Escape

Nathan Cohen-Fournier, MIB 2017
Nunavik (Arctic Quebec)