Fletcher Perspectives Gallery

The Perspectives Gallery highlights world cultures with the hope of promoting understanding and tolerance. The gallery has been in Ginn library since 2001 and contributes to our role as a space for introducing and sharing a diversity of viewpoints and perspectives on the world we live in.

The gallery's photographs have been submitted by Fletcher School students, faculty, and staff, and serve to showcase the technical skill, artistry, and international experiences of this community.





Thing of Beauty

Akshobh Giridharadas, MALD 2019
Location: Vladivostok, Russia

Wat Arun Temple

D’Juan Sampson, MALD 2020

Zaboomafoo in his Natural Habitat

Emily Prey, MALD 2020
Location: Antananarivo, Madagascar

Dragon Boat Practice

Guo Chen, MIB 2020
Location: Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Heavy Wings of Freedom: The Battle of Sutjeska Memorial 

Megan Duffy, MALD 2020
Location: Sutjeska National Park, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Michael Graifman, MIB 2020
Location: Nairobi, Kenya

Port of Pylos

Michalis Stamatis, MA 2020

Buddha Head in the Trees

Nigel Henry Robinson, MALD 2020
Location: Ayutthaya, Thailand

Portmarnock Links

Phil Uhlmann, Adjunct Assistant Professor of International Business
Location: Portmarnock, Ireland

Slow Morning at the Summer Palace

Samuel Rogers, MALD 2021
Location: Haidan, Beijing, China

Sunset over the Border Wall

Tania Smith, MALD 2020
Location: Tijuana, Mexico

Night Market

Guo Chen, MIB 2020
Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Traditional Roof Beam

Zoe (Xiaodan) Huang, MALD 2020
Location: Xi’an, China

Gone Fishin’

Tasfia Zaman, MALD 2021
Location: Zanzibar, Tanzania  


photo of a person in a space surrounded by stacks of books


Latifah Azlan , MALD 2019
Penang, Malaysia
Rafting down the Rio Grande

Rafting Down the Rio Grande

Danielle Tomlinson, MALD 2020
Rio Grande River Portland, Jamaica
up close view of pomegranates on display

Natural Marketing

Sasha Lanksy, MALD 2019
Antarctica lanscape

Hello Visitor

Katie Mulroy , Staff
baby in carrier on woman's back

A Mother and Her Child

Sam Schleipman , MALD 2019
Kaya, Burkina Faso.
flowering bougainvillea outside the entrance of a building


Anulfo Baez , Staff
Tlaquepaque, Jalisco, Mexico
heavy traffic on a busy street in Jakarta

Daily Traffic of Jakarta

Jhendra Samodra, MALD 2020
Central Jakarta, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
female students in a classroom


Gillian Ziegler , MA 2020
Pemba, Tanzania
Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Perspective - Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Kevin Dupont, MALD 2019
Abu Dhabi; UAE
street in New York City at night with steam and construction signage

Fire, Smoke, and Torch on Fifth Avenue

Stefan Tschauko, PhD
New York City
giant cactus at night

Valley of Giants

Nicholas S. Laine , MALD 2020
San Felipe, Mexico
a field with homes and buildings with mountains in background

Living in the Shadow of Giants

Carlo Aragon , MALD 2020
Corrales; New Mexico
a persons hands preparing grape leaves and rice over a metal tray

Wrapping Up Production

Michael Willis , MALD 2019
Qozhaya, Lebanon
laundry hanging on a canyon wall


Courtney Hulse, MALD 2019
Petra, Jordan

Floating Market

Zoe (Xiaodan) Huang, MALD 2020
Location: Bangkok, Thailand. Photograph on view Fall 2019 at ODAR.

Wat Phra Si Sanphet

Nigel Henry Robinson, MALD 2020
Location: Ayutthaya, Thailand. Photograph on view Fall 2019 at ODAR.