Fletcher Perspectives Gallery

The Perspectives Gallery highlights world cultures with the hope of promoting understanding and tolerance. The gallery has been in Ginn library since 2001 and contributes to our role as a space for introducing and sharing a diversity of viewpoints and perspectives on the world we live in.

The gallery's photographs have been submitted by Fletcher School students, faculty, and staff, and serve to showcase the technical skill, artistry, and international experiences of this community.





mirror of the sky

The Mirror of the Sky- Caka Salt Lake

Yuanda Wang , MALD 2019
Haixi Mongol and Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture; Qinghai Province; China

On the edge of Wadi Ghul, Oman

Patrick Webb , Professor
Single/lost gloves all over the world

One Glove - Fletcher students all over the world

Kelsey Thurman
34 images of lost individual gloves crowd-sourced from Fletcher students all around the world
building in lebanon


Yoshiko Tokuchi , MALD 2019
Beirut, Lebanon
ornate ceiling in beirut

One Day More

Quinn Rask , MALD 2019
Beirut; Lebanon
young tuareg man

Young Tuareg Man

Samuel Schleipman; , MALD 2019
Ouagadougou; Burkina Faso
fried termites

Fried Termites

Luxi Liu , MALD 2019
Bungoma, Kenya

Plotting His Next Move

Conor Sanchez, MALD 2019
Migrant Camp, Northern Costa Rica

Biodome 01

Monica Cabrera , MALD 2020
Montreal, QC, Canada


Caroline Armstrong Hall , MALD 2019
Malika village, Dailekh District, Nepal

Wadi Numeira, Jordan

Courtney Hulse , MALD 2019
Wadi Numeira, Jordan
beautiful batik fabrics

Beautiful Batik Fabrics

Latifah Azlan, MALD 2019
Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia
long library

The Long Library

Lindsey Smith , MALD 2019
Dublin, Ireland

Pataka Mudra with reflections

Teja Vemuri , MIB 2020
Airport, New Delhi, India


Alexandra Hall , MALD 2019
Tripoli, Lebanon


2 men face the wailing wall

A Prayer

Pulkit Aggrwal, MALD 2018
Keninji Temple

Keninji Temple

Daiki “Taji” Tajima, MIB 2018


Seher Vora, MALD 2018
Silent Prayers

Silent Prayers

Lindsey Smith, MALD 2018
Evening’s Festivities

Evening’s Festivities

Lindsey Smith, MALD 2018
The Sule Pagoda

The Sule Pagoda

Sam Schleipman, MALD 2019


Lauren Nutter, MALD 2018
The Old and the New

The Old and the New

Jared Miller, MALD 2019
Winter on the Fourth of July

Winter on the Fourth of July

Anamaria Karrels, MALD 2018

Havana, Cuba (Untitled)

Swathi Gokulan, MALD 2018
Sunset - Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Sunset - Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Kevin Dupont, MALD 2019


Sasha Lansky, MALD 2019
A little boy sits outside a tin building

Soweto Township

Dia Banerjee, MALD 2018
conductor on the Kandy

Conductor on the Kandy

Sam Schleipman , MALD 2019
Colombo express train, Sri Lanka
friends over fruits

Friends Over Fruits

Laura Schiemichen, MA 2019
Jaipur, India