About Edwin Ginn Library

About Edwin Ginn Library

Welcome to the Edwin Ginn Library. We believe in the transformative power of connecting students to the knowledge and ideas within our collections and academic community. Our role as library stewards is to enhance learning with research and instructional support that respects diversity, privacy, and the universality of free expression. Providing excellent personal service and maintaining rich collections are our top priorities.


The Edwin Ginn Library provides collections, services and technology that anticipate and meet the research and instructional needs of The Fletcher School.  The Library maintains a research and study environment conducive to exploration, discovery and knowledge creation.

About the Library

The Edwin Ginn Library of the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy is one of the largest specialized libraries in the field of international affairs. The library’s rich collection of primary and secondary research material has been curated with attention to the Fletcher School’s curriculum and the research interests of students and faculty. The library houses collections in the following subject areas: international law and organizations, human rights, economic and political development, energy resources and environmental issues, international security and peacekeeping, conflict negotiation, and international finance.

United Nations and other International Organizations documents

Ginn Library possesses document collections from the League of Nations, the United Nations and numerous international organizations, and maintains a large collection of international treaty documents. Case reports of the International Court of Justice, the European Court of Justice and the European Court

Special Collections

Originally deposited in the Ginn Library, the papers of Edward R. Murrow and of Ambassadors John Moors Cabot and Philip Kingsland Crowe can now be found in the Tufts Digital Collections and Archives where they are available for research.