Ginn: Behind the Desk

Our student workers have been working hard to learn the ropes, and by now they can help you—and in some cases even read minds. If all you know about the Reserve book you need to borrow is that it is big and red, don't worry: we've got you covered.  

Many student workers said that they enjoy the library’s tranquil environment—MALD student Ezra says his shift at Ginn is “a break from the storm of life as a grad school student.” International Relations major Chris says he was surprised by “how close the Fletcher community is with each other.”

Ginn’s student workers also like being around the library's print book collections. MALD student Quinn admits he just loves books: “I’m kind of a book hoarder.” Of course, Ginn also lends out technology equipment at the Circulation Desk. Ezra says it surprised him how frequently people check out laptop and phone chargers, but he supposes “it’s a sign of the technological times.”

Regardless of the library material in question, however, International Relations and History double major Mary speaks for many when she says her favorite part of working at Ginn is just “being able to help people out.”